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Online Jane’s Walk Festivals and Resources

The global COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible for many cities around the world to hold Jane’s Walk Festivals as usual in 2020, and continues to disrupt plans in 2021. Some City Organizers responded by moving the festival online, coming up with a variety of creative ideas for virtual Jane’s Walks and related web events. While we would all much prefer to be able to get out and walk, there are lots of benefits to online events; not only are they virus-free, but they can be enjoyed by participants anywhere in the world, and they may be more accessible than regular walks to people with mobility issues. They can also remain available long after the first weekend of May.

Here are links to online Jane’s Walk festivals and related resources around the world. If your city had, or is planning, an online festival, we’d love to add you to this page — please get in touch!

Many of the virtual festivals that happened around the world in 2020 can be found on this user-created Google map. (Please let us know if you created this, so we can credit you!)

  • Albuquerque, NM, USA

Self-guided walks are in the works.

  • Brandon, MB, Canada

The Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba is organizing a virtual Jane’s Walk called “Nothing Smells in Absolute Zero.”

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina (Spanish/Español)

Jane’s Walk Buenos Aires created a virtual festival, and a free e-book about walking and Jane’s Walk in the city.

  • Calgary, AB, Canada

Jane’s Walk Calgary is gearing up for a virtual festival — check their website for updates:

  • Colchester, UK

“Virtually Jane,” Colchester’s online Jane’s Walk festival site for 2021:

  • Edmonton, AB, Canada

Jane’s Walk Edmonton is planning another virtual festival for 2021. Check out their website to see what’s new, and click here to see their virtual walks from 2020.

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jane’s Walk Kuala Lumpur co-hosted this virtual walk with Jane’s Walk London for the 2020 festival.

  • London, UK

Take a virtual Jane’s Walk in London at

  • Milwaukee, WI, United States

Jane’s Walk Milwaukee’s 2020 online festival featured fun ideas for exploring the city, an expansive list of city-building books and films, and online panel events.

  • North Adams, MA, United States

See this YouTube playlist for some of their virtual walks from 2020.

  • New Westminster, BC, Canada

Jane’s Walks in New Westminster will be self-led this year, with routes and information posted online. Website:

  • New York, NY, United States

Jane’s Walk NYC (from Home) featured a week’s worth of online presentations and explorations. Planning for their 2021 edition is now underway.

  • Singapore

Jane’s Walk Singapore used Facebook to host virtual festival presentations, including a special series of profiles of walk leaders,  and a virtual walk using Google Maps, with texts for each stop.

  • Toronto, ON, Canada

The 2020 Jane’s Walk festival in Toronto included online panel discussions, a keynote talk by legendary urban designer Jan Gehl, and online “walks” in different formats, as well as at-home activities for children. A 2021 edition is currently in the works!

  • Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Jane’s Walk Winnipeg used platforms including Instagram and Vimeo to create virtual walks in 2020. More are planned for 2021!