An der Weststrasse

///An der Weststrasse
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Mai 2019

City Organizer: lerjentours

Walk Leader: Marie-Anne Lerjen and créatrices
Text and Photographs by: Marie-Anne Lerjen

At the beginning of the 1950s, Switzerland began planning highways through the country. The planners also travelled to the USA to take a look at the American highways. It was planned for the city of Zurich that three highways would meet in the city centre. But the project was delayed and – fortunately – only partially completed. However, the delay led to the highway traffic being “temporarily” routed through a normal neighbourhood street, the Weststrasse. A scandal! Even more scandalous: this temporary measure lasted 40 years! As Jane’s Walk showed, the residents who had to endure this traffic noise and dirt no longer live there. After the traffic calming since 2010, the houses were renovated and rents were raised. A walk through the current Weststrasse makes it clear: “Quietness is gold”.