Refits or Misfits: Part 1

///Refits or Misfits: Part 1
Refits or Misfits: Part 1 2019-06-13T16:41:57+00:00

May 2019

City Organizer and Walk Leader: Tricia Keogh-Hodgett
Photographs by: Trevor Hodgett

A group of eleven participated in this walk; all but two were “locals” and several were new to the walks. A small area of central Belfast, about a quarter of a mile, was explored. We looked at four buildings and went into three of them. The group considered if the buildings, which were “refitted”, were a “fit” for Belfast. We discussed the advantages of retaining features from the original buildings. Memories were shared about former buildings on the sites, and opinions were expressed on the style and type of buildings for Belfast city centre. It was thought that, in general, the Refits were well managed and advantageous. The group was also in favour of retaining the heritage of the buildings by using e.g photographic displays or websites or information brochures. It was felt that there were no obvious Misfits. Also, the group were in favour of the buildings in the city centre being low-rise as too many tall buildings would change and darken the streetscape.