Secret Streets of Belfast

///Secret Streets of Belfast
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May 2018

City Organizer: Tricia Keogh-Hodgett
Walk Leader: Tricia Keogh-Hodgett
Text by: Tricia Keogh-Hodgett
Photographs by: Trevor Hodgett

An international group, of fourteen, comprising people from five different countries explored the Secret Streets of Belfast.
These Secret Streets, or Entries, are considered by some to be where Belfast started.
Participants were asked their opinions (both during the walk and afterwards on a questionnaire) on the current state of and function of the Entries and on planned changes and future use of them.
Some comments were; “this walk has encouraged and inspired me to use them more”.
“I like their quirkiness”
“Some have lost too many original features which is a shame…tradition and history should be kept”.
“Entries should be better maintained and brightened up eg. with more lighting.They could be enhanced a lot more eg find a way to restore the former archways”