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Greetings from the Calgary Foundation!

Welcome to the tenth anniversary Jane's Walk festival in Calgary.

In 2008, Jane's Walk was a small new Toronto festival of neighbourhood walking tours looking for other cities to take their model and try it out. When we at Calgary Foundation heard that invitation, we jumped at the chance. We knew that Calgary was a city of community-builders, of city-makers and storytellers. We thought Jane's Walk would offer a platform for conversation and discovery about our city. And we thought Calgarians would want to pitch in.

And have they ever!

In our first nine years, over 250 volunteer walk leaders have led over 200 distinct walks in 88 neighbourhoods across Calgary and nearby. And we believe there are many more to follow.

We're anticipating a great festival this anniversary year. We can't wait to see the walks volunteers offer to lead. And we're cooking up a few surprises too.

Next up:

10-Minute Plays for Jane's Walk: Theatre Junction and Calgary Foundation partner to bring special performances to the tenth anniversary weekend festival. Interested in creating a piece? Apply by March 31st.

And if you want to lead a walk - please use this website to post your idea. Or contact us to talk it through.

[Photo courtesy of Calgary Chinese Community Services Association, from their 2016 Jane's Walk]

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