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Thank you Calgary and area for three great days in your company on walks, bike rides, and wheelchair journeys throughout the city on our annual Jane’s Walk festival weekend. This year saw 68 different free tours on topics as diverse as the human health benefits of walking our dogs, how new suburbs can build their sense of identity, the main street urban design framework, and the murals of Chinatown.

Especially meaningful to us are the good things that arose even as walk leaders prepared their walks. People made new friends in their own neighbourhoods as they collected local stories. Children in Dover wrote slam poetry to explain what they like about their neighbourhood. People poured over maps and plans and talked with their co-leaders about the strengths and weaknesses of these proposals. For these reasons and more, we extend our heartfelt thanks to each walk leader for their hard work and generosity.

An additional thank you to Theatre Junction and d.talks for co-hosting a Saturday night download reception.

And warm thanks to the hundreds of Calgarians who joined a Jane’s Walk, who accepted our offer to walk and talk together about things we care about in the places we love to, ultimately, build and nurture a great community.

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Thanks to Curtis Anderson for use of the photo that graces this page, from Julie Phillip's 2014 "Convergence" Jane's Walk.

Julie Black

City Organizer


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