Brampton, ON

Brampton 2040 Vision

Stroll, Connect, and Uncover Downtown Brampton​

​​Join us for a Jane’s Walk on Friday, May 3, 2024, from 5-7 pm in Downtown Brampton. Participants are to meet at Ken Whillans Square beside the Brampton Tourism Sign.

Discover the exciting future of downtown Brampton alongside the City’s Downtown Revitalization team! We are extending an invitation to the public to join us on a walk through the historic Four Corners. Experience the transformation of public spaces and public art. Engage in insightful discussions on transportation innovation, the significance of public space and the ongoing revitalization efforts in downtown Brampton.

This isn’t only about city planning – it’s about fostering a community and creating a sense of place. Your presence and perspective are invaluable as we shape the future of our downtown together. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of our journey towards a vibrant and thriving city centre! Key stops along the route include Ken Whillans Square for Introduction, Nelson Square Pocket Park, the Transit Hub (Bus Terminal), and Brampton Arts Organization (BAO).

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On the first weekend of May every year, Jane’s Walk festivals take place in hundreds of cities around the world. Jane’s Walks encourage people to share stories about their neighbourhoods, discover unseen aspects of their communities, and use walking as a way to connect with their neighbours.

Walk Stories

Walk stories are chronicles of moments, ideas, insights, and images from a Jane’s Walk, curated and submitted by local participants, walk leaders, and city organizers. Want yours to be the first one here? Share your experience with us below.

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