Jane’s Walk Grand Lyon (collective)

In France, the first Jane’s Walk Festival was launched in 2022 in Lyon by Atelier Minga founder Lucie Van Der Meulen, after participating in the 2018 and 2019 editions in Buenos Aires. Despite the absence of a pre-existing local group, Lucie initiated the project in Lyon, which quickly spread to the metropolitan area. The first edition welcomed around 40 participants for 4 walks. Since then, the festival has grown in scope, gathering over 100 people in 2023 and mobilizing more than 10 active volunteers for the 2024 edition, which now offers 8 walks.

The collective is motivated by the desire to raise awareness of Jane Jacobs and her commitment, which is not widely known in France. The collective is made up of passionate individuals who find their place in the collective according to what they want to do and the time available to them. The collective’s existence is recent, and we give priority to times when we can get together to exchange ideas, because preparing for the festival is also a great excuse to share together and get to know each other!

Anyone can lead a walk! Join the movement, come and walk with us! For more information, write to us at

Did you participate in a Jane’s Walk in this city?