Jane’s Walk in Tokyo is organized by Shunji, a vice president of the Ikimachi Club.

Walk Stories

Walk stories are chronicles of moments, ideas, insights, and images from a Jane’s Walk, curated and submitted by local participants, walk leaders, and city organizers.

April 2019 – Jane’s Walk in Kagurazaka, Tokyo

City Organizer: Shunji SUZUKI

This year, Jane’s Walk in Tokyo will provide seven courses lead by seven walk leaders. The day will begin with introductory lecture on Jane Jacobs by the organizer, followed by brief description of walking courses. The participants will select a course to walk. Each course has a theme to observe the vicinity of Kagurazaka, a downtown community with the sense of both tradition and modern.

The themes and walk leaders are:

Course 1: Community, Walk Leader – Takayuki FUJINO

Course 2: Urban development and legal issues, Walk Leader-Masaharu HIOKI

Course 3: Development, Walk Leader-Takehiko YAMAMOTO

Course 4: Innovation, Walk Leader-Kaoru YAMASHITA

Course 5: Townscape, Walk Leader-Tadashi NISHITANI

Course 6: Relationship of Kagurazaka and France, Walk Leader-Atsuko MASUI

Course 6: Explore the Topography, History, Culture of Kagurazaka, Walk Leader-Shunji SUZUKI

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