Add a City

In 2015, Jane's Walk took place across 6 continents, 36 countries, 189 cities, and in the form of over 1000 walks! Over the years, we've had many places and stories represented on community walking tours, and we are always interested in talking to you about adding your city, town, or region to the mix.

Here's how:

  1. In the City Directory below, check whether there is already a City Organizer where you live. (If there is, send them a note to say hello, and find out if you can lend a hand.)

  2. If there isn't a City Organizer listed for your city, that means we're still looking for someone to lead the charge.
  3. If the City Organizer says Jane's Walk, that means someone has expressed interest in participating there, but no one has been able to take the lead yet.

  4. If you think being a City Organizer might be for you (or your organization), read our short Organizer Summary which describes the core responsibilities, time lines and perks of joining the community.

  5. All good? Then simply click here to Add a City. Please make sure you have registered with us before you begin.

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